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British Museum director Neil MacGregor Museums

British Museum’s Neil MacGregor will retire on a high

“Extraordinary contribution” praised as director sets sights on Mumbai and Berlin (British Museum director Neil MacGregor) Published online: 08 April 2015
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Azerbaijan’s Venice pavilion will recall long shadow of Soviet era

Artist Hüseyn Haqverdi is creating installation about "lost generation" in gritty outskirts of Baku

Published online: 10 April 2015

Turkey plans to make a splash with new museum

Country’s ministry of culture approves project to make underwater Byzantine basilica a tourist attraction

Published online: 10 April 2015

Vatican ‘satisfied and happy’ as Israeli court spares Bethlehem-area church property

Extension of separation barrier through Cremisan Valley has been blocked

Published online: 10 April 2015

Artist wins case against neighbours he secretly photographed

Appellate court upholds First Amendment rights but encourages stricter privacy laws in future

Published online: 10 April 2015

Auckland Castle’s £17m revamp approved

Planning permission includes museum and visitor centre

Published online: 09 April 2015


Antarctic Pavilion looks to cruise ship tragedy

The next phase of the Antarctic Pavilion initiative—founded by Nadim Samman, a curator at TBA-21 in Vienna, and the Russian artist Alexander Ponomarev—takes a controversial turn at this year’s Venice Biennale (9 May-22 November). The latest stage, to be held at the Fondaco Marcello on the Grand >>>

Why Italy should sell the 5,000 antiquities recovered by the police

Improperly excavated artefacts could be auctioned to help cash-strapped museums